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Architectural Review
     Your home is one of the largest investments that you will make. It is also the place where (work permitting) you will spend more hours than anywhere else. Our purpose, and yours, should be to maintain a space and place not only where your family can seek shelter from the outside world, but also maintains a level of attractiveness, individuality and sympathy with surround houses as this protects and enhances property values.
     In an effort to protect the value in everyone's home and the property rights of all owners, the Champions Terrace Homeowner's Association has enshrined certain standards for the community as outlined in the deed restrictions.     
      If you are considering improvements, alterations, additions or redesign of your property and the structures thereon, (with the exception of landscaping), it is necessary to submit a request for homeowner approval.
         In addition to approving architectural applications, committee members will periodically tour the community to confirm compliance with the deconstructions that have been set out for the community.  (more)
The quickest way to submit a proposal is by e-mail to:
Forms for Architecural Approval:
Forms for Harris County Curb & Street Repair:
Architectural Control
The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to preserve, enhance and assure uniformity in the architectural esthetics of Champions Terrace by consistently applying the covenants and requirements pursuant to the "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Champions Terrace".
The Architectural Control Committee develops and implements Board approved guidelines for its review process.
The Committee reviews, approves or disapproves architectural submittals and maintains records of its determinations.
A number in the community have had quality work performed. Some of the contractors that may be able to help:



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