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     The monthly newsletter is transitioning from printed to an electronic edition. The electronic delivery allows the flow of information to be more complete, timely and a less expensive method getting the news out to the residents. 
     To sign up for the email edition, register on this site. Your email address or information will not be used for any other purpose.

Committee Chairs & Members:
    Linda Gittleman (Chair)
Archived News Letters:
Champions Terrace January 20123 Newsletter

Champions Terrace February 2012 Newsletter

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Web site changes or additions can be sent here.
Newsletter Publication Dates: January 2014 through to December 2014
Cut off for submissions     Email Newsletter sent
Dec 28                                    Jan 9
Feb 3                                      Feb 6          
Mar 3                                      Mar 6              
Apr 7                                      April 10                
May 5                                     May 8                  
June 2                                    June 5                
July 7                                     July 10                  
August 4                                 August 7            
Sept 1                                    Sept 4                
Oct 6                                      Oct 9                  
Nov 3                                     Nov 6                  
Dec 1                                     Dec 4            
     The purpose of the Communications Committee, as a standing Committee of the Board, is to promote the dissemination of news and information important to the members of the Champions Terrace Association.
     As an integral volunteer organization, its goal is to improve communication between the Board, other CT Committees and members of the Association.
     In addition, the Committee, will strive to bring members of the community together through the sharing of information germane to the common good of the community.



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