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The following are Designated Committees
The purpose of the Hospitality & Welcome Committee, as a Standing Committee of the Board, is to welcome new Association members to the neighborhood.
The Committee shall plan, organize and create opportunities during the course of the year for neighbors to meet each other to promote a cohesive atmosphere within the community.
The purpose of the Communications Committee, as a standing Committee of the Board, is to promote the dissemination of news and information important to the members of the Champions Terrace Association.
As an integral volunteer organization, its goal is to improve communication between the Board, other CT Committees and members of the Association.
In addition, the Committee, will strive to bring members of the community together through the sharing of information germane to the common good of the community.
Architectural Control
The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to preserve, enhance and assure uniformity in the architectural esthetics of Champions Terrace by consistently applying the covenants and requirements pursuant to the "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Champions Terrace".
The Architectural Control Committee develops and implements Board approved guidelines for its review process.
The Committee reviews, approves or disapproves architectural submittals and maintains records of its determinations.
Landscaping & Beautification
The purpose of the Landscape & Beautification Committee, as a Standing Committee of the Board, is to maintain and improve, when needed, the grass, trees, plants, flowers and grounds located in the common areas of Champions Terrace.
The Committee will work to maintain and improve the overall beauty of the CT common areas.
The purpose of the Amenities Committee, as a Standing Committee of the Board, is to maintain, repair and upgrade the common pool area and tennis court.
The Committee will recommend to the Board of Directors policies and procedures for the effective and safe operation of these recreational facilities, which have been provided for the enjoyment of Association members.
Neighborhood Crime Watch Committee
The purpose of the Neighborhood Crime Watch Committee, as a Standing Committee of the Board, is to establish procedures protecting the common property and develop a program that provides a visible presence in the community to reduce vandalism and other forms of crime.
The Committee recommends security measures and services to the Board of Directors during peak times of the year when additional protections is needed, such as holiday times, summer season or during community events.



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