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Who takes care of...?
Who takes care of...?
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Who takes care of…?
The Streets – The streets are the responsibility of Harris County. They are public streets subject to laws and regulations governing all streets of Harris County.
• Champions Terrace HOA has no jurisdiction over the streets and so cannot restrict parking or impose speed limits.
• However, Harris County Sheriff’s and/or Constables have the right to ticket cars for any and all traffic violations. Illegal cars, those with expired registrations, are subject to tickets and eventual towing by law enforcement.
The Curbs - Harris County is responsible for maintaining our curbs.
• If you have a broken curb near your home, fill out the form requesting repairs and they will come out and take care of the broken curbs.
The Alleys – The alleys belong to the individual homeowners. If you look on your plat from your closing papers you will see a portion of the alley located within your plat.
• However, the alleys are considered a right of way for all residents to use. All residents along with services such as trash pick-up, emergency and utility company vehicles are allowed access at all times to the alleys.
• Blocking any portion of the alley is not permitted.
• Any illegal vehicles, those with expired registrations, are subject to tickets and eventual towing by law enforcement if it can be seen from any street.
The Walls & Gates – Each homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their brick walls, if one is part of their property, along with the attached gates.  
Fences – Maintenance and upkeep of fences within boundaries of individual properties are the responsibility of homeowners.
Trees, landscaping and flowerbeds – Whether in or outside of the walls, the homeowner is responsible for the care of any and all landscaping including trees within the property boundary.
• Trees that have overgrown and block access to the street curbs or alleys must be trimmed and maintained by the homeowner.
• Flowerbeds outside of the wall are also the responsibility of the homeowner. The HOA landscaping contract only covers mowing and edging.  Weeding, trimming shrubs or planting flowers is up to the individual homeowner.
• Raking and bagging leaves and trash is part of the homeowner’s responsibility in the front and rear of the property. Our landscaping contract does not cover this service either.
Street Lights – Centerpoint Energy is who to contact if a street light is burnt out. Note the pole number from the light pole when reporting the outage. You can report a dark street light here:



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