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Looking to make a difference in your neighborhood?
     Join the Neighborhood Watch Committee. Neighbors need to be neighbors and look out for each other. If you see something or someone suspicious, call the Harris County Sheriff's office to report it.
Committee Chair & Members: To volunteer, please contact:

Harris County Sheriff Goes Mobil with

What is iWatchHarrisCounty?
     iWatchHarrisCounty is a web-enabled crime reporting system that allows a person to submit crime tips and to report crimes through a simple online user interface or in a mobile app.
     By entering a tip, law enforcement is instantly notified and may analyze the tip for further investigation. Police then get a report with color-coded "bubbles" on the map differentiate the types of crimes, and clicking on any of the displayed bubbles allows the person to see the details of that report, including where it took place, when it took place, what type of location it was and the case number for further investigation.
     The detailed view also includes a key with a definition of the crime type and related crimes.
Neighborhood Crime Watch Committee
The purpose of the Neighborhood Crime Watch Committee, as a Standing Committee of the Board, is to establish procedures protecting the common property and develop a program that provides a visible presence in the community to reduce vandalism and other forms of crime.
The Committee recommends security measures and services to the Board of Directors during peak times of the year when additional protections is needed, such as holiday times, summer season or during community events.



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